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Fulton County Schools


Schools across Fulton County, 1871-present


This collection contains materials, records, images and other emphemera related to schools of Fulton County. The materials are from current schools as well as those that have been closed or consolidated. 


Fulton County Schools Archives, Hapeville, Ga

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Booklet, "College Park's Year-Round Learning Center in Georgia," 1992

New American Schools Development Corporation 1992
College Park Elementary School Year-Round School Evaluation, 1992

Office of Planning, Research and Development, Fulton County Schools 1992
School newspaper, "The Fairburn Star," 1970 May 27

Fairburn Star Staff: Melvin Astin, Arlene Williams, Trellis Wood, Steven Dukes, Bettye Lewis, Bessie Harrison, Gloria Reid, Donald Zachery 1970
East Point Elementary School "Black Bibliography," 1973

East Point Elementary School Seventh Grade Class of 1973 1973
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