Paul D. West papers, 1921-1974

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Paul D. West papers, 1921-1974


Georgia--Fulton County
School superintendent
Paul D. West


Paul D. West (1904-1974) served as superintendent of Fulton County Schools from 1947 to 1971. He had risen from a Spanish teacher at Fulton High School in 1924 and his service was uninterrupted except for a brief stint as field agent for the American Red Cross during World War II.

West graduated from Fulton High School in 1920 and entered Emory University where he earned his first degree by 1923. He would serve as alumni president later in life. AS a student, he also attended Oglethorpe University, the University of Virginia, Middlebury College (CT) and the Sorbonne in Paris.

West would serve as a principal and director of curriculum for Fulton County Schools before becoming superintendent upon the death of his predecessor, Jere A. Wells. He was also selected to serve on President Eisenhower's Committee on Intergovernmental Relations Education Committee (Kestnbaum Commission) in 1953. he also served as president of the Georgia Association of School Superintendents and Board Members, the Georgia Association of County School Superintendents, and the National Conference of County and Rural Area Schools.


Paul D. West

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Choice of School Form, 1966

Fulton County Board of Education 1966
"Protesters Routed Twice," Atlanta Constitution, 30 August 1969

Atlanta Constitution (Mike Bowler) 1969
"Fulton Bows to HEW to Close High School," Atlanta Constitution, 30 July 1969

Atlanta Constitution (Bob Rohrer and Duane Riner) 1969
A. Turner McDonald to Paul D. West, 6 May 1969

Superintendent Paul D. West, A. Turner McDonald, Atlanta Constitution (Clifford "Baldy" Baldowski) 1969
Walter M. Callaway to Paul D. West, 29 April 1969

Paul D. West, Walter M. Callaway 1969
Carolyn Kilpatrick to Dr. Paul D. West

Superintendent Paul D. West, Carolyn Kilpatrick 1969
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