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Fulton County Board of Education Records


Fulton County Board of Education Minutes and Records Related to Board Operations


Originally, the board was comprised of twelve, elected members. They were E.Y. Clarke, Jesse M. Cook, R.B. Hicks, Seaborn Jones, superintendent Jethro W. Manning, E.H. Muse, P.L. Mynatt, William C. Parker, Isaac Steinheimer, Benjamin R. Walker, William A. Wilson and chairman Joseph Winship. In 1872 however, an amendment to the Laws of 1870 required board members to be appointed by county grand juries (instead of elected by militia districts), and the board was reduced to five. In 1984, the law was reversed again, resulting in seven, elected board members, with an appointed superintendent. Since 1986, this has been its structure and organization.

Board records produced in the last decade will not be posted on this web site. See fultonschools.org for recent records.


Fulton County Board of Education


Fulton County Schools Archives, Hapeville, Ga




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