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1966 choice of school form.jpg

Fulton County Board of Education 1966
2020-11-10 FCS correspondence email.JPG

Fulton County School System Communications Department 2020
1969 am negro study ltr supt-12-4.jpg

Harvey D. Findley, Research Director (for Legislative Services Committee of the Ga. General Assembly) November 4, 1969
Apr 290001.jpg

Paul D. West, Walter M. Callaway 1969
1967 Desegregation choice of school.jpg

Superintendent Paul D. West 1967
May 6.jpg

Superintendent Paul D. West, A. Turner McDonald, Atlanta Constitution (Clifford "Baldy" Baldowski) 1969
Apr 280001.jpg

Superintendent Paul D. West, Carolyn Kilpatrick 1969
1968 uga 10001.jpg

The University of Georgia School Desegregation Educational Center, Athens, Ga 1968
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